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Vegan Cakes London

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Vegan Cakes

Here at Elegateau Cakes, we make it our mission to ensure our delicious cakes can be enjoyed by everyone. And so we are always happy to cater to a range of dietary requirements. We pride ourselves on crafting delicious vegan cakes for parties or any other events. It can be hard to find a luxury vegan cake for a special occasion, so we have taken the time to perfect our recipes and experiment with the best flavours. Whether you’re looking for celebration cakes or cupcakes, we’ve got you covered.

Having any dietary requirement can be hard, and being a vegan can be especially difficult when looking for a deliciously sweet treat. We don’t want anybody left out of the cake fun, so we bake and craft gorgeous vegan cakes for birthdays, weddings and for any celebratory occasion.

London’s Best Vegan Cakes

Our goal is always to make vegan cakes that taste so good nobody guesses they are free from eggs and dairy butter and milk. Whether it is a cake full of vegan chocolate for your birthday, or a set of gorgeous vegan cupcakes – you know you can always contact Elegateau for a special treat. You shouldn’t have to miss out because you, your family, or your loved ones are vegan – so we ensure you don’t have to.

We offer cakes for a range of dietary requirements, whether you’re vegan or gluten free, lactose intolerant or are just looking to try something different. Each of our vegan cakes is made to order, so you can rest assured you are getting a truly special and unique cake that meets your requirements.

Why We Love Vegan Cakes

Here at Elegateau, we love delicious cakes that push boundaries and exceed expectations. We also like a bit of a challenge. We are extremely familiar with vegan cake making, but we love the option to create new masterpieces in unique ways.

We know from experience that vegan cakes are just as beautiful and delicious as any other when baked with love, expertise and artistry. We have dedicated our lives and careers to cake making and we are proud to offer these services.

Veganism continues to grow. While the savoury world is seeing a lot of movement in the right direction, we know the sweet world still has a bit of catching up to do. So we offer you a vegan cake without limits with egg free royal icing and vegan sugar paste. We have extra special treats like chocolate and frosting suitable for vegans too.

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