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Cupcakes London

There is something just right about a freshly baked cupcake. Not only is it the perfect amount of cake with a mid-morning coffee but also to accentuate any special event that you may want to celebrate. They are incredibly versatile in that they can be used to compliment a celebration cake, or they can be the main attraction. They can be elegant and sophisticated or light-hearted and fun. Something to consider for birthdays, weddings, special events or just when you want a bit of cake!

Is there a happier child than one with a cupcake in their hand? These are just the thing for children’s parties. They can be wrapped individually and given to each of the guests to bring home and you can also get a variety of flavours so there is something for everyone. We can personalise them further by topping them with edible images of their favourite action heroes, movie stars, or even pictures of themselves. Just send us the picture and we can put it on a cake!

Cupcakes are an excellent way to enhance your corporate event or product launch. Everyone will want to know where they can get a delicious cake with your logo emblazoned on the top. Get in your customers’ face… literally.

If you are looking for something personal yet more than just a simple cupcake you could opt for an Indie. These are less like a cupcake and more like a mini cake for an individual. If you want to impress your dinner or wedding guests then these could be the choice for you.