About Us


Our Story

Pervin’s enthusiasm for cakes started when she was young while watching her uncle in his patisserie creating beautiful and delicious cakes. A few years later she moved to London and continued to make cakes for her friends and for various events. When Pervin realised that she had a natural ability for the craft, she decided to get some formal training to refine her skills. After completing her cake decorating and sugar craft qualifications with distinction at Westminster Kingsway College, she was inspired by her experience to further learn from the best known sugar artists and p√Ętissiers. Following that, to gain practical experience, she worked at one of London’s top cake studios making cakes of all shapes and sizes.

In the many years she has been pursuing her passion for cakes, she has found Royal Icing to be one of the most fulfilling. Her enthusiasm for the art has won her 2 gold and 2 silver awards at various competitions in the last 2 years, and she is devoted to keeping the traditional technique alive.

In 2011 she started her own company, Elegateau, and continues to make traditional and modern designs. As well as wedding cakes, she also enjoys making novelty cakes and does not limit herself to one specific discipline. Combining her creative flair and focus to the highest degree, Pervin makes sure to deliver beautifully crafted delicious cakes to her clients.

Sales Policy

When to Order

To avoid disappointment, for wedding cakes, you are advised to order 4- 6 months in advance, and for celebrations, no later than 1-2 months in advance will be ideal. However, we may sometimes be able to fit in last minute orders depending on availability, so please check with us.

Consultations and Designing your Cake

Our cakes are specially tailored for you and this would determine the final price of the cake. This is to ensure that we suit your budget and requirements. Consultations are made by appointment only. Should you already have in mind what design you may require, we recommend that you bring the relevant colour swatches, pictures or samples that complement your wedding dress, venue, bouquet and etc…


If you require alterations to your order, this can only be made if you notify us in writing or via email. Changes can only be made if you notify us no later than 4 weeks prior to delivery. However, this may affect the cost, so the balance will be adjusted accordingly.

Payment and Confirmation of Order

Once the order is agreed, we require a non-refundable deposit of 25% upon e-mail confirmation. (You must check and accept that the specified details of your chosen cake are correct and confirm it via e-mail so we can process your order). The outstanding balance is due 3 weeks prior to delivery or collection. We accept payments made in cash, cheques, PayPal, or direct bank transfer.


6 weeks before collection/delivery – your deposit of 25% is non refundable.

3 weeks before collection/delivery – your deposit of 25% + the cost of any work undertaken are non-refundable.

1-2 weeks before collection/delivery – only 25% of the total cost will be refundable.

* Refunds will be made within 14 working days.

Collection / Delivery

We aim to personally deliver our cakes to the venue to avoid any mishandling and damages which may occur during travelling.
Should you wish to collect the cake from our studio, please note that you will be fully responsible for the safe delivery of the cake.

Cakes Decorated with Fresh Flowers and Non-Edible Materials

Please note that any non-edible materials required by clients such as crystals, ribbons, beads etc. should be removed from your cake before serving. Elegateau can not be held responsible for any incident resulting from the consumption of these non-edible accessories.
Also, please note that some fresh flowers you may require can be toxic for use on your cakes. Please check with your florist first to make sure that there will not be an issue as we can not be held responsible for any illness as a result. You may want to consider sugar flower replicas as an alternative.

Allergies and Special Requirements

Please specify if you are allergic to certain ingredients and we will tailor the cakes to your needs.
We can also offer gluten free, dairy free, egg free cakes as well as many other cakes with special dietary requirements. So please check with us.


How do I store my cake?

Once collected we strongly advice that you do not refrigerate your cake prior to your event. Store it in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight and, ideally, inside the box with which it has been supplied. You can only refrigerate or freeze the leftovers of your cake once your event is over, but please remember to wrap them in cling film or place them in a plastic airtight container. If you refrigerate a cake which has not been cut or served yet, your cake will sweat from the moisture of the fridge and the sugar decorations etc. will spoil.

If I want to keep my sugar decorations such as wedding toppers, flowers etc. how do I store them?

Once they are carefully removed from your cake you can place them in a plastic airtight container or a box. Remember to first fill the container with soft kitchen towel or cotton wool to avoid any breakages. Inside the box, you can also place some silica gel to ensure they keep dry. Place the box in a dry cool place away from direct sunlight and your decorations should keep for years.

What is the use by date of your cakes?

For fresh tasting cakes we advise:

  • For alcoholic fruit cakes – consume within 1 month of purchase.
  • For non-alcoholic fruit cakes – consume within 3 days of purchase.
  • All other sponge cakes – consume within 3 days of purchase (once cut, you can store them in an airtight container in the fridge).
  • For all fresh cream based cakes – consume on the day of purchase.

Can I eat the sugar decorations?

Yes, you can. However, Elegateau will provide a list with your cake which will specify the decorations that contain wires inside and therefore are non-edible. Some sugar decorations such as figurines or flowers, require wiring or wooden skeletal structure, these are non-edible.

I can not afford a big wedding cake enough to feed more than 200 people. Do I have affordable alternatives?

Yes. You do not need to have a giant cake enough for all. Instead, you can opt for a normal size cake that can feed around 100 and have a cutting cake to make up for the rest. Another cheaper option is to have a dummy cake.

What is a cutting cake?

The purpose of the cutting cake is to make up for the rest of the portion numbers you need so you avoid having a giant cake. It also saves you money because it is covered with the same colour icing of your event cake and does not contain any decorations. It is only seen and cut into portions by the kitchen staff to be served at your venue.

I like a cake that has lots of sugar decorations but once that cake is cut into portions it will look very messy on my guests’ plate. How can I have nice clean portions that look neat and appetising on the plate?

You can have a dummy cake for visual purposes and a cutting cake that will provide the neat looking portions. You could also opt to have one of the tiers of your dummy cake as a real cake to cut at your event. Your dummy cake will look exactly the same as a real cake, so no-one will know the difference.